This season we had an exceptional great time in Winter Harbour Accommodation fishing Lodge!

Before it even started,  on May 1st we did some more finishing to our accommodation lodge to make it better than ever…. We added another bathroom in the mud room,  to make it easier when the lodge is at its full capacity with fisherman…
At our new accommodation lodge there is also a carport for parking your vehicle, which is also where the BBQ is for cooking you’re meals.  All protected from the rain. Smoker area is designated outside….. Thank you for that!

Inside our accommodation lodge,  I have added a DVD Player with all different types of movies. If there is a certainty type you like,  more action or comedy…. just ask! And don’t forget, you do have the Satellite TV for catching up to your favorite shows….that you won’t have to miss.

OK let’s talk about fishing now,  this year has been exceptional for bottom fishing…. In abundance……where halibut, yellow eye or red snapper, Ling cod…. Some people even got Alaskan black cod.

We offer daily the local tide charts and fishing reports.

In September when the water is warmed up quite a bit,  we go Tuna Fishing (Albacore). Very tasty for sushi or loin steaks.
Depending on the water temperature they maybe within 30 miles or much closer. We did get some this year…. Very Good fish!
A dream for a fisherman like me!

One more interesting point here in Winter Harbour accommodation fishing getaway. is that you can come in by boat from Coal Harbour (1hour and 10 minutes) which is a very pleasant ride…. Lots of nature to look at,  you may very well see bears on the shore sometimes with Cubs,  some wolf,  deer… It is their land,  so you are bound to  see them.

Around 5am, we have our sunrise which you have seen on my website.  They wake me up sometime because the sky is so orange or pink…..its like a dream!

Bring your wives whether they fish or not,  as they will enjoy the wonderful view of the Harbour and our high end accommodations.

So come and enjoy you’re best pleasure experience of a lifetime at Winter Harbour’s accommodation Fishing Getaway!

If you need more information, please send me an email and I will gladly answer you’re questions.

Thank you,

Your Host Owen